The people who enjoy mobile communication are the ones using the best Android applications. Today, mobile devices now form part of the daily lives of most people in the developed world. A handheld or mobile device provides wonderful solutions in the corporate world by making it possible for people to communicate easily and faster in business. There is always an increasing need for enhanced functionality in mobile phones, bringing about the need for the new technology in Android mobile development.

There are thousands of applications in the market today, causing many people to be confused on how to identify the best Android applications. Their availability has made Android to be very competitive against many other types of mobile devices used in business, sports and entertainment. Among the thousands that are in existence today, it is still possible to get the ones that will serve your daily purpose.

Some of the best Android applications are:

Mobile Maps: this is one of the best Android applications developed in the United Kingdom. When it is downloaded to your Android smartphone, it helps you in getting free satellite navigation images and facility to your Android devices. This application is very useful in GPS direction plotting.

Seek Droid: this application makes it possible for your information to be safe. Even when you lose the mobile phone, it enables you to track the location of the phone and also be able to lock the information stored in the SD card and the phone memory. This ability makes it difficult for any information stored in the mobile phone to be leaked out.

Advanced Task Killer: this helps you in managing your applications to make sure that the battery life or performance is not negatively affected. It helps you in killing all open applications through its inbuilt widget.

Crackle: this is the Android application developed by Sony. It helps in streaming popular TV shows and full-featured movies to your Android device free of charge. With this application, it is possible for you to watch popular TV shows without paying any money.

BeyondPod: this is another of the best Android applications which is integrated with the Android music player. It makes it easy for you to find and manage video and audio podcasts. The paid version of the application makes it easy for you to easily manage and update your subscriptions.

Nimbuzz: this makes it possible for you to chat with your friends using any of the popular chat servers like Yahoo and Gmail. The application also makes it possible for you to check the notifications and messages sent to you by your friends.

Prox: this is one of the best Android applications that make it easy for you to control your Android phone without the need to touch the touchscreen. This application is good for people who have to attend to many things at the same time.

Weather Channel: this is the Android application that enables you to know the accurate weather conditions like humidity, wind speed, and the UV index. The application also provides 10-day and hourly forecasts to help you in planning your days. It also has the animated weather radar.

Android phones are very good because they make it possible for you in doing a lot of things at the same time, receiving business data, processing data and storing information, and acting as your mobile computer anywhere you are in the world. The best way to enjoy your mobile device is to install one of the best Android applications. All these things together, make it possible for you to be more productive in your daily activities